Discover VILUXE: Elevate Your Training

Enhancing Athletic Performance with Advanced Training Equipment

Welcome to VILUXE, where we are committed to helping athletes reach their optimal performance level. Founded by physical fitness enthusiasts, VILUXE is a premier sports brand dedicated to providing advanced training equipment designed to elevate your physicality and enhance your performance.




At VILUXE, our mission is to create the best value sports training equipment that empowers athletes to be more explosive, powerful, and protected during both training and competition. We understand the importance of body conditioning and are here to support athletes worldwide in achieving their fitness goals. Ready to elevate your training? Explore VILUXE’s advanced training equipment and join our mission to support athletes everywhere.

Our Commitment to the Community

The founders of VILUXE are deeply committed to building a community-led brand. We believe in giving back and are proud to donate a percentage of every sale to UK-based organisations that provide platforms for more inclusive sports across the grassroots landscape. Our partnerships are not only about business; they are about creating opportunities for individuals to develop new skills in both the sports and business industries.